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Media & Message 2016

Media & Message is the largest, most exciting event in Finland focusing on the audiovisual industry and its latest developments. The event gathers together more than 200 professionals with an influence on the industry. It's a once-a-year opportunity to learn the skills that will advance your career, and grow your professional network.

The annual event has been organized for over 20 years by Association of Independent Producers Finland – SATU ry. The event also hosts the annual award for the best new television format, Formaatti-Finlandia.

This year we have handpicked speakers from around the world to share their knowledge with you. Join us for Media & Message 2016, as we explore the new tactics, tools, ideas and get inspired.

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Preliminary schedule for Media & Message 2016 

Media & Message 2016

Wednesday 3.8.2016

"Get-together" Hangaslahden saunalla

Thursday 4.8.

10.15 Opening
SATU ry Chairman. Antti Väisänen, CEO, Warner Bros. International Television Production Finland

10.30 Towards digital success stories - Yle Labra and multimedia project development path

Raimo Lång, sisältöpäällikkö, Yle Luovat sisällöt
Ritva Leino, suunnittelupäällikkö, Yle Julkaisut

11.00 Science documentary 'The future of Finland’- content marketing or public service?
Will the stakeholder funding model put at risk the contents integrity?

Nina Pulkkis, Director of Content, Franck Media Oy

11.30 Herban and Lakko BOXI - How a lost television audience was lured back in front of the screen
Eevamaria Vassinen, Development manager, Sub
Lauri Ogawa, kanavapäällikkö, SUB

12.00 Lunch

12.45 Case Yrjö Uusivirta (André Wikström)
Elina Raitis, Producer, Hello Darlings
Pertti Pällijeff, Creative & Copywriter N2

Reeta Hietalahti, Client Director, N2

13.30 "Bits Eat Media" Big Data and Analytics for Media Business
Henry Tirri, Executive Vice President & CTO, HARMAN International Industries

14.30 coffee

15.00 ”The Future of Public Service Media”
Jaakko Tapaninen, CEO, Great Point Oy
John McVay, Chief Executive, Pact
Lauri Kivinen, toimitusjohtaja, Yleisradio Oy

16.00 Can There Be Another Next Big Thing?
Mike Beale, EVP Global Development & Formats, ITV Studios UK

19.00 Dinner @ Mediapolis Factory

Friday 5.8.

9.00 How can new technology accelerate business sectors -border cooperation
Tony Lindqvist, Virtual Reality Research traveler

9.30 Data economy and counter-currents
Minna Ruckenstein, partner, Future Works

10.15 After the production begins the rest is just crisis management?
Mirva Kenttämies, producer, Warner Bros.
Susa Salminen, a freelance director
Maria Lappalainen, film director, screenwriter

Moderated by writer Kaisa Pylkkänen

Petri Savolainen, edunvalvontajohtaja, OTK, Suomen Journalistiliitto ry
Anu Sajavaara, työmarkkinapäällikkö, Palta ry

Mirkka Kivilehto, lawyer, Teme ry

11.15 Finnish drama series to the international market - how to do it?
Timo Argillander Managing Partner, Co-founder, IPR.VC Management
Petri Kemppinen, CEO of Nordisk Film & TV Fond
Ville Vilén, johtaja, vastaava toimittaja, Yle luovat sisällöt
Moderaattori Miira Paasilinna, CEO, Yellow Affair Oy

12.0 Lunch

13.00 Head in the clouds, feet firmly on the ground!
Thomas Enbuske will interview the realitystars Aki and Rita, as well as a psychotherapist and sexologist Maaret Kallio.

13.45 TV Director panel discussion
Ville Vilén, johtaja, vastaava toimittaja, Yle luovat sisällöt
Ville Toivonen, kanavajohtaja, Nelonen Media
Katja Santala, ohjelmajohtaja, Discovery Networks Finland Oy
Marko Karvo, sisältöjohtaja, MTV Oy
Ossi Ilveskoski, Director Digital Media, Fox International Channels
Moderated by Roope Lehtinen, CEO, Moskito Television Oy

14.45 Chair play – what do the ex TV directors think now?
Jani Hartikainen, Risto Kuulasmaa, Mikko Silvennonen and Toni Flyckt
Moderated by journalist and columnist Thomas Enbuske

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